3 Secrets to a PR Win in Q4

Back to school.  Holiday season. Year-end wrap up.  New Year predictions.  Q4 brings lots of natural opportunities to start a PR conversation.   So how do you use these calendar events as a jumping off point for press? Here are a few of our tips:

  1.   Tap Into the Now

Seasonal awareness keeps you relevant and present to reality. Think of your target media audience and do a little brainstorming. There may be some universal answers to these questions, while others are specific to who you are trying to reach.

  • What Q4 concerns will be dominant?
  • What are they trying to accomplish or planning for for 2016?
  • What market trends, when thrown in the mix, affect them right now?
  1.   Use #1 to Shape Your Strategy

Now that you’ve tapped into your target audience’s Q4 themes, leverage this information to it’s full potential.  Bring these insights to your  media strategy  (plus content, social and anywhere else you are seen).  Meeting your audience where they are at is an automatic invitation to increase engagement. There’s a bonus here too. Heightened awareness weaved into your messaging makes you and your company seem approachable, human, and with your finger on the pulse of reality.

  1.   Be a “Predictor”

Before we know it, we’ll start seeing headline after headline talking about “What’s Next for 2016.”  In order to chime into that conversation, start by taking a holistic look at your industry. What’s different now as compared to last year? Are there interesting pockets of activity? Things you didn’t expect or that surprised you in the market.  This insight can serve as the foundation of your Q4 media strategy, whether it comes in the form of sharing your perspective with relevant reporters or creating bylines for targeted outlets.

What does this mean for you? While being bombarded with ads, interrupt the commercialization frenzy with entertaining and informative information about your industry.  Tap into the season and provide some relief. Don’t afraid to be cheeky, but always be helpful.  Share some interesting market analysis, make a new video, create a new hashtag, whatever it takes — push through the noise and sever up value.

Whatever you do, DON’T miss an opportunity. Now is the time to utilize some essential knowledge to share insight that is timely and relevant. Make the most out of your year-end strategies and let what’s left of 2015 surprise you.


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